Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Trying to catch my breath

Potsdam, Germany
08:05 pm
Cold and stormy


Sorry for not blogging earlier, but I’ve been a busy bee. Between Working as a nurse, teaching English, helping my sister with her studying, counseling my family and helping Sandra move out, I also have been taking care of my sick 86 years old great-great aunt, who was admitted to a hospital 2 days ago.

Phew, quite a lot.

Okay, starting from the beginning.

Work – fine, lots of things to do, but is has been a bit quieter at times.

Teaching – totally enjoy it. The class is very interested and I have to keep up with them.

Sis – does a great job at work, but still has a lot of studying to do for her upcoming exam.

Family – My parents are getting a divorce. No surprise for me, but it turns out it won’t be as quiet as I expected. My sister has a hard time coping, especially since my mom has met someone and is not honest with us and Dad concerning their ‘relationship’. She’s quite the egoist at the moment, which is understandable to some extent, but no excuse.

Sandra – moved out. Has a lovely two room flat, roof level, 2 balconies and Sanssouci right around the corner. Her Job is keeping her pretty busy, but we talk on the phone.

Great-great aunt Gerda – I have been taking care of her (and until 2 years ago; of her husband, too) for quite some time. Do grocery shopping with her, clean her apartment, make meals, do some chores and keep her company.

Actually, the whole family has done so to some extent. Last week she didn’t feel good, complaining about back pains, but at the same time claiming they came from lifting a neighbour who fell. Then on the weekend she was even weaker with a blood pressure of 180 to 93. We managed to keep it within normal range until Monday morning. She was weaker, hardly able to walk, had problems breathing, so I called her doctor and had her admitted to the nearest hospital. As it turns out, her blood pressure was still more than high and that she has some fluid in her lungs. She’s being treated for both and has been feeling a bit better today. I love her very much and it would be very hard for me to loose her, although I understand that it is only natural to go at some point. Just because I understand it, doesn’t me that I have to like it.

Me – alright for now. I am trying to stay on top of everything, while at the same time taking some breaks for myself. The weekend two weeks ago I went breakfast bowling with friends.

I was second last, but enjoyed it very much. Last weekend I was at Patty’s, my best buddy’s farewell party, he’ll be leaving for a work and travel year in Canada, soon.

And on Sunday I visited a very dear new friend of mine from work, Denise, who invited Sandra and me to Dinner. The food was superb and the company delightful. We laughed a lot. Denise is also expecting her first child – much health to you and the baby.

Btw, I also managed to find a long lost friend online and am so very happy to be in contact with her again. I missed you, Mersiha.

Much love to all of you out there – I am constantly thinking about you.


P.S. Have caught a stomach bug. Thanks heavens for medication. :-)

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